Release the peace at your center.

Hello, I am Julia Groome Allred. I was born and raised right here in Greensboro, NC. Being a grateful child, I remember well the power of touch. Not only the positive response a pat or hug could elicit, but the way I felt connected to all things that I touched: the rusty metal barn roofs hot from the summer sun or the sandy creek banks that seemed to swallow your feet.

My original vision of Calming Ground was to provide massage therapy for those seeking inner peace and comfort. After years of experience, service and discoveries, I have developed a desire to offer additional services to my clients. In order to accomplish this, we have expanded our staff to six nationally certified therapist in different healing modalities to fit your individual needs.

Our goal is to enhance your well-being, mind, body and spirit by providing body work that is designed specific to meet your individual needs.